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Soshin Corporation Limited was established in 1982, based out of Yokohama, Japan. At that time, the company’s main line of business was recycling auto parts. In 1983, the Soshin management team decided to add another line of business: JDM Used Japanese Engines and Transmissions. These engines and transmissions began to be exported from Japan to all over the world.

In 1988, Soshin Corporation Limited opened an U.S.-based distribution center named SOSHIN TRADE CORPORATION (STC), which is situated in South Gate, California. This facility was established due to the increasing demand in the Used Japanese Engines and Transmission business in the United States. It distributes transmissions and engines to the retail and wholesale customers, body and repair shops, and warehouse distributors.

We, at Soshin Trade Corporation, strive to always supply our customer the best quality engines and transmissions. We also pride ourselves on providing quality service efficiently, and maintaining good business rapport with our customers.

We acknowledge and extend our gratitude to our employees for their hard work and our customers for their continued patronage. We will always look forward to serving you better.

We thank you for your patronage.


Soshin Trade Corporation in South Gate, CA

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