Buy JDM Engines for Low Mileage

Buy JDM Engines for Low Mileage

Most car owners wish to buy JDM engines because of their low mileage. People with personal experience with these engines would say how reliable they are. One of the reasons for this is that Japanese drivers take care of their cars properly so they are good buys. But are they really low in mileage?

Before we explain why most JDM engines are low in mileage, it is vital to know what JDM engine means. It is short term for the Japanese Domestic Market. It means that the engine is from a car manufactured to be sold in Japan.

Buy JDM Engines for Low Mileage

Most car owners in Japan will buy a new car when their vehicle reaches 7 years. Furthermore, the average mileage per year of cars in Japan is around 5,300. Thus, when they are out of service, the cars will be at 37,000 miles.

When you consider that mileage when you buy JDM engines, it is the lowest number compared to other cars in the world. People in Japan are passionate about their cars. Many of them are meticulous when they take care of their cars.

In Japan, you will only find a few old cars. One of the reasons is that the country has strict automobile inspection system, which makes it expensive.

Thus, most car owners choose to trade their three-year-old or five-year-old car, which is still in excellent condition. Because of the costly inspection, most of them would just buy a new vehicle than spend thousands of dollars for a car assessment.

When their car is three years old, automobile owners have to submit their vehicles for inspection every two years. Although there are several factors contributing to the shorter lifespan of a car in Japan, the strict and expensive inspection at the top of the list. The price can go up as the car ages.

Their cars will fail if there are any body damage. Before their cars will pass the assessment, car owners must first repair any dents or scratches in their vehicles.

They also need to undergo undercarriage evaluation, including inspection of the whole suspension. The older the car, the highly likely it is to fail the test.

That’s why most car owners in this country sell their cars. Companies in the US would import those cars and sell their engines.

Because most car owners in Japan get rid of their car when their vehicle is only three years old, you can expect that the vehicles are in excellent condition, especially the engines.

Thus, it is easy to find JDM engines with low mileage. Most people who purchased JDM engines are satisfied with them because they have no issues with their cars. The majority of them are clean inside. That is, there is no sludge.

Then again, not all importers of JDM engines offer the highest quality engines. STC has a huge stock of JDM engines.

Each engine is in excellent condition and value. The used engines that we offer are available at a reasonable price. It is a kind of engine that you can surely trust.

Highest Quality

Even though most Japanese cars are in excellent condition, not all JDM engines that you can buy in the US are of the highest quality. For that reason, it is vital that you only shop from a reputable seller, like STC.

Our team of specialists examines the engines before bringing them to the USA. They thoroughly check them before selling the engines. We simply want to make sure that what we are offering is the best for our clients.

The engines are not brand new but we make sure that they did not get through a lot of abuse. The average mileage of the engines is 60,000. Some are less than 40,000 while others are over 60,000. But you cannot find engines with mileage that are over 100,000.

You may think that it is a lot of miles. However, the engine is not worn down. It works as it should be.

Before importing them, our specialists inspected the engines for any faulty parts. We do not offer engines with faulty parts because we only want the best for our clients.

Compression Testing

The JDM engines that you can buy from us underwent compression testing. We do this to know how the piston rings, valve seats, and others are performing.

Doing this test is necessary to ensure their quality. This test also helps our specialists in determining if the parts are wearing evenly. We will only sell the engines if they passed the rigorous test.

We also steam wash the engines before shipping it to America. Steam washing is necessary to improve the engine’s safety. It also extends the engine’s life. Steam cleaning makes the engine resistant to corrosion.

If you want to buy JDM engines for low mileage but are not sure where to go, then consider calling our customer support. We can help you find the engine that you want to own for your car. Call us today at (800) 543-2476.