Buy JDM Engines for the Most Reliable Cars

Buy JDM Engines for the Most Reliable Cars

The main question of many car buyers is, “Who manufactures the most reliable engine?” Is it an American company or a Japanese brand? A British brand or a German one? Not surprisingly, though, it is the Japanese. That’s why many car enthusiasts would choose to buy JDM engines. 

You may think that companies, like Audi, BMW, and Peugeot, will top the list of reliable engines. However, consumers voted Japanese car brands to be reliable. 

Honda takes the top spot. In every 300 Honda owners, only one car owner would have engine trouble. Second to Honda is Toyota. 

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Why Choose to Buy JDM Engines

Or better yet, you may ask, “How reliable are JDM engines?” 

They are reliable but their reliability still depends on the place you obtained them from. Keep in mind that not all sellers of JDM engines will offer you the safest and most reliable engine from Japan. 

That’s why when you look for such an engine, make sure that you study the history of the seller and how it imports the engines. 

At STC Engines, we have our team of specialists who will perform rigid tests for the engines and transmissions. They are only sent to the US if they passed the test with excellent results. 

We import our engines and transmissions from our main warehouse in Japan. As for the reliability of the engine, we offer a 6-month unlimited warranty and three months on transmission. 

To protect the engines from rust, we only apply Noxudol 700 to the insides of the cylinders of every engine. 

Another thing to consider when you buy a JDM engine is the mileage. It is true that cars in Japan have low mileage. You can find automobiles with more than 100k mileage, so be careful in choosing which one to buy. 

At STC Engines, we only sell low mileage engine so our clients can enjoy good amount of life in it. We also sell an engine that is complete. That is, it is ready to be installed, either by you or a qualified repair shop. 

Are They a Great Option? 

If you are looking for an affordable replacement engine, then the JDM engine is a viable option. But you must be careful where you buy it. Remember that not all sellers of this type of engine can offer you a reliable product. 

Do not just believe everything that the seller says about Japanese cars. Low mileage does not always mean an excellent option. Therefore, we encourage you to check the engine thoroughly before paying for it. 

When our clients come to our shop and look for the JDM engine they want, we encourage them to re-visit our shop and bring a specialist. 

As for the reliability of the engines, we can guarantee you that they are ready to be installed and be driven. However, we want you to be confident about your choice. And we do not want to deprive you of your rights to ask a third-party to examine our engines. 

You can trust our company to sell you the most reliable JDM engines in the US. And before you buy JDM engines, talk to a specialist that you can trust to help you examine them before making a decision. Call us today to find out more about what we offer: (800) 543-2476.