Used Japanese Transmissions from the Leading Transmissions Importer, Japan

Used Japanese Transmissions from the Leading Transmissions Importer, Japan

Why purchase used Japanese transmissions? There can be tons of reasons. The number one on the list is that Japanese car transmissions are high quality but they are inexpensive compared to American versions. Furthermore, buying a used transmission is way cheaper than repairing your current unit. However, it’s a challenge to find the right model. But you can’t go wrong with Japanese transmissions that are designed for reliability. 

Are the Used Japanese Transmissions Compatible with Your Vehicle?

Although Japanese transmissions are reliable, you must first verify that they are compatible with your car that you wish to fix. The best way to verify it is to contact a trusted mechanic. You can show him the available transmissions here at STC and you can discuss the best options you can grab. Discussing it with your mechanic will help you avoid having a nasty experience with Japanese import transmissions. When you purchase the Japanese transmissions from us, we can guarantee you that you will receive the complete accessories. You can even purchase extra components if you need them. Our customer support will tell you more about the details of the transmission you wish to buy. You can even visit us here in Glendale, California to check the unit. If possible, just bring a mechanic to help you scrutinize the transmission before purchasing it. 

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Unlimited Warranty for Transmission

All of the used Japanese transmissions here come with three months unlimited warranty. If you purchase Japanese engines from us, as well, you can get a 6-month warranty. We’re in this business since 1988. With that experience, we know how the industry works. Our clients have been with us since the start of our business. We offer the most competitive pricing you can find in the market. We also offer free delivery if you live within the Los Angeles area. Call our customer support today to know if you can avail of our free delivery option. Furthermore, the used transmissions that we sell here have been thoroughly tested. Those that didn’t pass our test wouldn’t be shipped to the US. We conduct our inspection and testing in our warehouse in Japan. Once the transmissions have been properly examined, that’s the time we ship them to the US. STC is also known to have the largest inventory of used engines and transmissions. In that case, you can be sure that what you’re looking for can be found here. Just call our customer support to know if the unit you’re trying to find is in our warehouse. But it’s most likely it is. 

It’s Cheaper at STC 

As mentioned earlier, we offer the most competitive rates for our used transmissions and engines. That’s why many car engine swap enthusiasts are flocking to our online shop or warehouse in Glendale California to look at our inventory. They know that if they can’t find it anywhere else, they sure can shop it here.  If you’re ready to buy used Japanese transmissions, please contact our customer support (800) 543-2476.