Buy JDM Engines with Low Mileage and Better Performance

A lot of car enthusiasts now are opting to buy JDM engines, rather than purchasing a second-hand vehicle. The reason for this is that the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) engines can offer better performance. 

JDM engines can provide better performance without costing a lot. These engines are low in mileage, making them a better choice than having a pre-loved car with 50,000 mileage. 

Buy JDM Engines that are Reliable and Cleaned Properly 

Japanese people are passionate about cars. They love their cars so much that they take care of them conscientiously. Their cars are serviced regularly to ensure that their cars are in perfect condition. 

With their great public transportation, most of them would choose to use it than driving their own cars. That’s why they only use their own vehicles on the weekends or to drive them to the train station. 

Furthermore, Japan has the strictest inspection and emission system. It is the country’s roadworthiness inspection that every car owner must go through every two years. 

Of course, there are other factors that contribute to the Japanese car’s longevity. However, the strict inspection system is one of them. 

buy JDM engines

If the car has body damage, the owner has to pay a higher inspection fee. It cannot pass if the damage is not resolved. Then, to ensure that the car is roadworthy, it must have no dents, scratches or rust. 

In a way, choosing to buy JDM engines is a worthy investment. However, you must make sure that you are buying the engines from a reputable source. 

No matter how good the JDM engines are, if they are not cleaned thoroughly before being sent to the US, then they would be worthless. The reason for this is that the engines will develop rust if they are not completely polished and maintained. 

Here at STC, our technicians in our Japan warehouse would completely inspect, clean and maintain each engine before it is being sold in the US. In that case, you can be sure that what you are getting is a reliable engine that can last long. It is a cost-effective replacement engine for any type of car. 

Keep in mind that purchasing a domestic engine will cost you more than just rebuilding it with the use of a JDM engine. Thus, if you want the best value for your money, you need to look into the benefits of buying JDM engines. 

What You Can Get from STC? 

Our company has been around since 1988. Thus, you will enjoy a stable company that will remain in business for many more years. If you have a problem with your engine, you can just contact our customer support and we can help you resolve your issue. 

When you purchase JDM engines from us, you get to enjoy a 6-month unlimited mile warranty on the engine. On the other hand, if you bought transmissions, then a three-month warranty is in place. 

If you have further questions on how to buy JDM engines and the delivery, give us a call at (800) 543-2476. 

Are Imported Japanese Engines in Los Angeles Tested?

The imported Japanese engines in Los Angeles that we offer are specifically chosen to be reliable. That said, quite a bit still depends on where you purchase them. Before you purchase one, you want to make sure that it has been tested properly. Here at STC, we only sell high-quality JDM engines. 

We are known in Los Angeles to offer a premium line of JDM engines straight from Japan. Since 1988, we have been a huge importer of these engines and we deliver our products throughout the world. 

STC distributes engines and transmissions to wholesale and retail customers, as well as warehouse distributors. All of our engines underwent thorough testing to ensure that they are in excellent working condition when installed in our clients’ cars. 

One of the many questions that our clients ask us is if the engine would work in their vehicle. It could be difficult to find an exact match of your engine by shopping through a JDM market. 

What you need is something similar to your car’s engine. If you are not sure, you may call your mechanic and ask about what type of JDM engine is compatible with your car. Your personal mechanic can help you identify the model that could work with your vehicle. 

Imported Japanese Engines in Los Angeles

Warranty for Imported Japanese engines in Los Angeles

Another thing to consider when shopping for imported Japanese engines is to learn about the warranty. You don’t want to purchase a used engine that comes without a warranty

At STC, we offer an unlimited six-month warranty for engines. In addition to that, we have tested all the engines before we sell them. We also clean the engines to make sure that there is no rust in them. 

What are the Options Available? 

There are tons of options you can find at STC. For instance, if you are looking for a car that is extremely reliable, you may opt for a Mazda. Most Mazda cars are very reliable and the engines have reasonable rates. 

Mazda engines are also fuel-efficient. Nonetheless, the fuel-efficiency of the engine will depend on how you use your car and your driving skills. 

Another great option is the Subaru Impreza. It launched in 1992. This car has been a hit in Japan for many years. It offers effortless power. Thus, if you are rebuilding your vehicle, consider the engine of the Subaru Impreza to ensure that it will last long. 

If you are a Honda fan, you may choose the Honda Civic. It uses a VTEC engine that offers more power. You will love the sound of the engine each time you turn the ignition. Furthermore, it is not easy to break down. 

Or if you want a Toyota engine, you cannot go wrong with Toyota AE86. It is a popular option among our clients here at STC. Toyota cars are reliable and they can last for more than 10 years. 

Of course, these are not the only imported Japanese engines in Los Angeles you can find at STC. There are other choices you can find when you visit our warehouse in Glendale, California. The JDM engines we sell here are imported directly from our Japan warehouse. All of them are cleaned, tested and inspected. 

To order our imported Japanese engines in Los Angeles, please call us at (800) 543-2476.

Before Buying Honda Used Engines for Sale in California

Does your car need a new engine? If it does, then perhaps it is time for you to choose one of our Honda used engines for sale in California. Instead of buying a brand new car, which costs thousands of dollars, investing in a used engine may make a lot of sense. 

That said, it is still up to you to decide which option is better. If you simply want to fix your car, there is no need to pay the engine’s full retail price as you are not getting a brand new car. Doing so will help you save a bundle of money. Purchasing a new engine can help you drive your car again without having to spend as much in car repairs.  

Before you buy one, though, make sure that it is a good one. Here are some tips to lower the risk when buying a used engine. 

Lower Risk of Buying Honda Used Engines Sale in California

Review the Company’s Reputation 

Junkyard scams are everywhere. That’s why it is ideal that you only purchase a used engine from a reputable source, like the Soshin Trade Corporation. 

You may get what seems like a “good deal,” but you don’t want to buy from guys selling some auto parts from their garage. They cannot give you a warranty. By comparison, the Soshin Trade Corporation that offers six months warranty on engines. 

Honda used engines for sale in California

The Mileage of the Engine 

The mileage of your engine is a vital detail that you need to consider when purchasing used engines for sale in California. Engines with more mileage may cost a lot less. However, they do not last as long. 

The ideal mileage for a used engine is usually somewhere around 15,000 miles per year. The good thing is that most of the JDM engines that we sell at STC have low mileage. The reason for this is that the Japanese are known to sell their cars when they reach such mileage. 

Japan has strict rules when it comes to registering their vehicles. The older the car gets, the more expensive it is to register it. That’s why most vehicle owners would just choose to purchase a new car and sell their old car to the junk shop. 

Even though an old car may seem like a bad deal, most JDM engines are in excellent shape. They tend not to have that much use, really. As much as possible, the original owners of these engines try to avoid the hefty cost of maintenance and motor-vehicle inspection. 

Thus, when you shop for our JDM engine here at Soshin Trade Corporation, you can be sure that the engines are of high quality. In that case, you can still use them for a long time to come and they will not give you a headache, as long as you properly take care of them. 

At STC, we only carry high-quality used JDM engines, as well as transmissions. We import them directly from Japan. If you are situated in the US, we can offer you same-day shipping. In some locations, we can provide free delivery. 

However, before you order our Honda used engines for sale in California, make sure that the engine you pick is the right one for your car. Talk to your mechanic first. Or, alternatively, you may call our staff at (800) 543-2476.

Are JDM Engines for Sale Legal

The JDM engines for sale are legal for importation in the US. However, they must be 25 years of age or older. You may also wonder if they can pass the smog test. The quick answer is yes. They can easily pass the smog test. 

However, the engine code should match the engine donor. That is if you are getting a B16 and putting it into an OBDII chassis, then make sure to go for a full OBDII conversion. 

What are JDM Engines for Sale Options? 

When it comes to choosing the right engines, you cannot go wrong with the 90s cars. This decade is the golden era for JDM vehicles. Cars in this country will have a yearly average of 5,800 miles. That is quite low compared to the 7,9000 miles average in the UK. 

If you wish to get hold of a 90s car made in Japan, then consider these JDM cars: 

JDM Engines for Sale

Mazda RX-7

Built in the 1990s, this car has an engine displacement of 1.3L with twin-turbo. It has a power output of between 252 and 276 bhp. It is the third generation of the RX7. It is a front-engine rear-wheel-drive that attracted car enthusiasts because of its powerful performance and overall design. 

This car is notable for its lightweight construction. It also comes with unique twin turbochargers. The car can accelerate from 0 to 62 mph within 5.9 seconds. Its top speed can reach 155mph. 

Many car enthusiasts are looking for this type of engine because its engine size is below 1.5L. The reason for this is that it makes the yearly road tax more affordable while giving you more power. 

Toyota Supra MKIV

It was built in 1993. The production stopped in 2002. Its engine displacement is 3L with a power output of up to 326 bhp. This generation is the fourth in the Supra lineup. The design was a departure from the 1980s counterpart. 

This car was built to emphasize performance. It also featured a twin-turbocharged engine. With the turbo engine, it can enhance torque. Many car swappers are looking for this model. Because of its popularity, it has been frequently featured in various video games and movies, like the Fast and the Furious films. 

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 

Its engine displacement is 2L with a power output of 276 bhp. It is a sports car and a rival of Subaru Impreza. It has a turbocharged engine with a five-speed manual gearbox. 

In Japan, this car was limited in supply. Thus, it became a significant JDM car. 

Of course, there are other various JDM engines that can purchase from Sochin Trading. The engines are perfect if you are looking for drift cars. 

At Sochin Trade Corporation, we offer six months unlimited mile warranty on the engines. For transmissions, we offer three months warranty. Our company is a direct importer of JDM engines from our warehouse in Japan. To protect the engines from rust, we apply Noxudol 700, which his a rust protection substance. For more information on our JDM engines for sale and want to take advantage of our free delivery, please contact (800) 543-2476.

Best JDM Engines in California to Consider

JDM engines are way better than second-hand American-made engines. The reason for this is that Japan is known to use cutting edge technology when it comes to developing their cars. Not all cars made in Japan can be imported to the US. However, you can still build a car out of an engine made in Japan, though the JDM engines in California

JDM Engines in California That You Must Consider 

These engines are set to increase in value in the coming years. Thus, they make an excellent investment. You do not only watch them appreciate in value but you can enjoy owning one of them. 

Mazda RX7

It is one of the cars that offer an extremely reliable engine. It is also easy to maintain. Rebuilding a car out of this engine is pretty reasonable. This car comes with an excellent chassis. In Japan, this car is well-loved. If you are a real JDM enthusiast, make sure to consider it in your list. 

Another reason you must consider it is the fuel economy. It aims to reduce fuel consumption. However, it still depends on your driving skills and where you are driving. 

Best JDM Engines in California

Subaru Impreza

Choose classic Impreza. It makes a great purchase. This car has been launched in 1992. The goal of designing this car was to compete with the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo. With the style and engine, this car was a hit in Japan. It provides effortless power. If you are planning to rebuild a car, consider the Subaru Impreza engine. 

This car is built for the road. It also comes with cheap parts. But you need to properly maintain it so it will last that long. This engine will remain a sought-after engine in the years to come. 

Honda Civic 

Many JDM enthusiasts are looking for a Honda engine. And if they are, most of them chose a Civic engine. This car has a VTEC engine that can offer you more power. You will like the sound of its engine each time you power it on. When you combine this engine to your entire car, you can have a time classic vehicle that you can use wherever you are in the US. 

It has a timeless stillness and the reliability of Honda. 

Toyota AE86

Toyota is one of the most popular JDM engines at STC. It is no wonder considering the reality of Toyota cars that can last for more than a decade. It has a great chassis and it is easy to maintain. 

If one of these engines is not to your liking, though, visit our online shop today and browse our collection. Soshin Trade Corporation carries a huge line of premium quality JDM engines. We import our products directly from our Japan warehouse where they are inspected, cleaned and tested before they delivered to our shop in the US. Our shop stocks a huge inventory. In that way, we can offer you the engine that you are looking for. We provide same-day shipping in the US. For some locations, we offer free delivery. For more information on how to order the best JDM engines in California, please contact us at (800) 543-2476.

Do JDM Toyota Engines Have More Power?

JDM Toyota engines are reliable. When it comes to power, though, it still depends on the engine you purchase. For instance, if you bought a Subaru JDM engine, then you could expect it to be powerful. 

JDM Toyota engines

What is guaranteed here when you purchase a JDM engine is the quality of the engine, it is especially true when you buy it from Soshin Trade Corporation. We only sell premium quality imported from Japan. We have our warehouse in Japan where we examine the engine thoroughly before they are sent to the US. 

Unlimited Mile Warranty for JDM Toyota Engines

At Soshin Trade, we stand by our products. That’s why we offer an unlimited mile warranty for six months. Then, we give a three-month warranty on transmissions. 

We protect our engines using Noxudol 700 to prevent rust inside the cylinders. And if you live in the Los Angeles area, we can deliver it to your doorstep for free. 

However, we do not install the pre-owned JDM engine that you purchase from us. You will handle the cost of installation. 

We suggest hiring a trusted mechanic to look into the engine before buying it. In that way, you can be sure that the engine will fit it in your car. 

Road Worthiness of JDM Engines 

Japanese cars are always roadworthy, even though they have been around for a decade. In Japan, car owners have to submit their vehicles for inspected every two years. This inspection will examine their car’s road worthiness. This inspection is one of the most stringent in the world. 

Because of how much the inspection will cost, the Japanese will opt to purchase a new car, rather than submitting them for inspection. Keep in mind that as the car ages, the inspection fees would cost more. 

The inspection does not only tackle the engines but it also includes the exterior part of the car. Thus, any scratches, dents or rust must be fixed to be considered as road-worthy. If the car is old enough, it can be hard for it to pass the test. That’s why Japanese car owners will simply sell them. 

Soshin Trade Corporation has a huge stock of JDM engines for sale at affordable rates. You can find Subaru engines here which offer the best value for your money. We also sell Acura, Nissan Maxima and Honda Accord, among others. 

To view our latest JDM engines, please visit our online shop. You can find dozens of options that you can purchase. 

Although JDM engines are still considered pre-owned, you need to purchase them from a reliable source, like Soshin Trade. You can be sure that the engines we sell here are of high quality. Even if the engine is 10 years old, you can still expect low mileage. Furthermore, the engine will still be of excellent condition. 

Even if you sell your car with a JDM engine installed, it will still have high value, as long as you have maintained it properly. 

When you purchase JDM Toyota engines from us, you can expect same-day shipping in the US. In Los Angeles, we offer free delivery. If you need further assistance, please call our customer support team at (800) 543-2476. 


JDM Honda Engines for an Affordable Yet Powerful Car

You do not have to purchase a brand new car to get powerful engines. All you have to do is opt to buy one of the JDM Honda engines available at Soshin Trade Corporation. We are a direct importer of Japanese engines and transmissions. Our main warehouse is situated in Atsugi, Japan. 

Can You Trust JDM Honda Engines

JDM Honda engines

Honda has been in the business for over half a century. It has gained trust from its customers. For many years, it has outrun its competition. 

Its fame is the result of its engine performance. The company is one of the largest engine manufacturers in the world. With its long experience on the market, you can expect it to only follow the highest standards. 

Because of its high-quality engines, what you get from purchasing Honda JDM engines is the best performance. 

Why Honda Engines

Honda is known to offer its clients the best engines. In that case, you can expect its performance to remain even after a decade of using it. 

Here at Soshin Trade Corporation, we only handpick the best engines from Japan before importing them to our warehouse in the US. We only sell completely functional engines at low rates. When you shop here, you can find a variety of options depending on your preferences and needs. 

Are JDM Engines Better than Second-Hand Vehicles? 

Second-hand vehicles are more expensive than just purchasing JDM engines. Although it is tricky to purchase them, it is worth the investment.

With Soshin Trade Corporation, you have nothing to worry about. You can be sure that what you are getting is top-notch quality. We do not only sell Honda JDM engines but we also sell Mitsubishi, Toyota, and other well-known Japan-made engines. 

Buying Japanese engines, like Honda engines, makes a lot of sense considering that Japanese people are known to take care of their cars. They are not like Americans who overuse their vehicles. That’s why JDM engines have low mileage. 

Although there are cars in Japan that are overused and not reliable, we do not import them. Instead, what we sell here at Soshin Trade are engines and transmissions from cars that have been well-maintained. 

As mentioned earlier, most cars in Japan are well-maintained because of the strict laws that car owners have to follow. Japanese are passionate about their cars. When it is time for them for periodic maintenance, they bring their cars to the dealership for maintenance services. 

Furthermore, car owners do not frequently drive their cars. Most of them will only drive their vehicles during an emergency. Most of the time, they take public transportation. And it is another reason most Japanese cars have low mileage. 

Purchase Pre-Owned JDM Engines from Soshin Trade 

If you want quality JDM Honda engines, then look no further. Our JDM engines here are top-notch and you can be sure that they are completely functional when you use them. We have been in the business since 1988 so you can be sure of the quality of the items we sell to our customers. To know more about how you can purchase our JDM engines, please contact us at (800) 543-2476. 

JDM Engine Import: Prepping a JDM Engine

It is now easier to find an excellent JDM engine. Before, this type of engine was hard to fine. Shops imported their engines simply scrapped them and sell them even though they look questionable. These days, however, when you go to a JDM engine import shop, the engines are all clean and ready to be installed. 

Reputable JDM Engine Import Shop 

When choosing the right engine for swapping, it is ideal that you shop at a reputable seller. At STC Engine, we only offer engines that have been leaked-down tested. We assure our clients that the engines they can purchase from us are all worth it. 

We offer a 6-month warranty for engines. Our engine is complete when we deliver it. But you must know in the first place what components you will need for the swap. Call our customer support team before you even place your order. 

JDM Engine Import

At Soshin Trade Corporation, we clean and test the engines before labeling them with “for sale.” When you check, make sure to check the oil filler. You can take a peek of what is inside of it. 

We can guarantee you that the inside looks shiny as it is a good engine. However, when you pick a higher mileage engine, it is normal to find brownish color on the inside. But we never sell an engine with black walls. 

When you visit our shop, though, we can perform a leak-down test for you. As the compression test is ongoing, you notice the spark plugs. You may check the cylinder to see signs of degradation. 

Then again, we do not sell low-quality JDM engines. Thus, we can assure you that you will not find any signs of degradation. 

Although we offer warranty and return policy for our JDM engines, we do not accept returns because you have changed your mind. That’s why we encourage our clients to check the engine that they wish to purchase and ensure that it will fit in their vehicles. 

We work hard to ensure that our engines are of high-quality and they are ready to be installed. If there are issues that you notice when you purchase them, you can bring them back to us and we will be happy to return your money. That’s how confident we are with our JDM engines. 

Our limited warranty, however, does not include the cost of labor to install the engine to your vehicle. You can hire a car mechanic to inspect the engine before buying it. But we do not offer engine installation. 

The warranty also does not cover loss as a result of overheating. However, we will cover it if the condition was a result of a malfunctioning internal component of the engine. 

What JDM Engines We Offer 

We carry JDM engines of Acura, Honda, Infiniti, Isuzu, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota, Suzuki, and Subaru. If the brands you want to have are not listed here, you may contact our customer support: (800) 543-2476. You may visit our JDM engine import shop. 

Buy JDM Engines: Manufactured to the Highest Quality Standards

It is known around the world that Japanese cars are excellent. That’s because Japanese people have mastered engineering. For that reason, when you decide to buy JDM engines, you will never regret it. After all, they are cars made in Japan. 

Buy JDM Engines as an Ideal Investment 

Whether you are purchasing a brand new car or a JDM engine, you are making a huge investment here. For that reason, it is fitting to consider where you buy your vehicle from. 

Should you decide to purchase a used car, you will not regret your decision. But why JDM engines are of the highest quality standards? 

JDM Engines

The Japanese people are hardworking. In that case, innovation comes to them easily. That’s why when you purchase a Japanese used car, it will still be in excellent condition a decade after. In terms of performance, features, and mileage, it can easily compete with American car brands. 

Japan also practices stringent regulation. It requires manufacturers to build their vehicles to the highest quality standards. 

Its transportation department mandates that every vehicle on the road is properly maintained and safe to drive. Thus, after purchasing a car, the owners are required to maintain them properly and have them inspected three years after. In that case, if you buy JDM engine, you can be sure that you can have the best value for your money. 

Japanese Do Not Throw Away Just Anything 

Japanese people do not dump their vehicles anywhere. In fact, they do not throw anything as they have to pay some fees, for the removal service and other expenses. 

Thus, if they have to get rid of their cars, they can sell it to a used car shop. Then, this shop will sell cars to other countries. 

Low Depreciation Value 

Another likable thing about Japanese cars is that they have low depreciation value. Japanese people maintain, clean and care for their vehicles. Even though the price of a used car is falling, its depreciation value does not. 

For that reason, it is all worth it to buy JDM engines. At Soshin Trade Corporation, we have a wide array of premium quality used JDM engines. We imported them directly from Japan. Because we stock a huge inventory, we can be sure that the engine you are looking for is just around our garage. 

When shopping for JDM engines at STC, we can give you same-day shipping, as long as you are in the United States. In some locations, we can provide free delivery. If you need assistance in your order, make sure to give our customer support a call. 

We have our own warehouse in Japan were the JDM engines are washed and inspected before they are sent in the US. Our company has been around since 1988. To guarantee that our products are reliable, we offer a 6 months warranty on engines. If you purchased transmissions from us, we can offer you three months warranty. 

If you are ready to buy JDM engines from us or you need assistance in placing your order, please give us a call at (800) 543-2476

Reliability of JDM Engines in Los Angeles

Our JDM engines in Los Angeles have a reputation for being reliable when it comes to used car parts market. Compared to other countries, Japanese cars are meticulous in car maintenance. It is one of the reasons many car enthusiasts are choosing engines from Japan. 


JDM Engines in Los Angeles – Stringent Inspection 

Most Japanese cars have to go through a strict, bi-annual inspection. During the inspection, the vehicle will undergo an exterior examination to ensure that it meets the Japanese regulations. It will also ensure that the car did not undergo exterior modifications, like body kits that increase the dimensions. 


The wheel alignment is also inspected. The car must have its wheels in-lie so they can turn correctly to pass the test. 

JDM engines in Los Angeles

Its speedometer will also be checked, as well as its headlamp. The brake, exhaust gas, and undercarriage will also be inspected. 


If the car does not meet one of those steps, it will have to undergo repair. Then, it will be retested before it can go back on the road. Japanese considers cars with minor body damage as risky to be driven. 


Japanese car owners also change their oil frequently to ensure the internal status of the engines. 


Because of the mandatory inspection, automobile tax, and compulsory insurance, most car owners would sell their cars early. The older the car gets, the more expensive the cost of the inspection is. For that reason, car owners tend to just sell their vehicles and purchase a new one. 


Thus, vehicles that are recycled and sold in many JDM engines shops in Los Angeles have low mileage. 


Apart from low mileage, the cars in Japan are well-taken care of. The quality of the pavement there is controlled. Because of that, the cars’ suspensions and engines do not suffer a lot. 


Then, car owners in this country do not use their cars every day. They take public transport and they only drive their cars on the weekends. It is another reason that JDM engines have low mileage and they are properly maintained. 


These are the main reasons JDM engines we have imported are reliable than the ones being imported from other nations. The JDM engines that we sell here at Soshin Trade Corporation are of premium quality. We do not just offer engines but also transmissions that we have imported from Japan directly. 


We have a huge inventory so you can be certain that we have the engine you are looking for. If you want the engine to be delivered within the same day of placing your order, we can make it possible. We also offer free delivery in some cities. 


Our company has been in business for decades. We have started selling pre-owned JDM engines and transmissions since 1988. Our JDM engines have been cleaned and protected before they are transported to the US from Japan. 


At Soshin Trade Corporation, we provide JDM engines in Los Angeles and the entire US. You can find engines for Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Suzuki, among others. Give us a call today to inquire about the available engines that we have: (800) 543-2476