JDM Engine Import: Prepping a JDM Engine

JDM Engine Import: Prepping a JDM Engine

It is now easier to find an excellent JDM engine. Before, this type of engine was hard to fine. Shops imported their engines simply scrapped them and sell them even though they look questionable. These days, however, when you go to a JDM engine import shop, the engines are all clean and ready to be installed. 

Reputable JDM Engine Import Shop 

When choosing the right engine for swapping, it is ideal that you shop at a reputable seller. At STC Engine, we only offer engines that have been leaked-down tested. We assure our clients that the engines they can purchase from us are all worth it. 

We offer a 6-month warranty for engines. Our engine is complete when we deliver it. But you must know in the first place what components you will need for the swap. Call our customer support team before you even place your order. 

JDM Engine Import

At Soshin Trade Corporation, we clean and test the engines before labeling them with “for sale.” When you check, make sure to check the oil filler. You can take a peek of what is inside of it. 

We can guarantee you that the inside looks shiny as it is a good engine. However, when you pick a higher mileage engine, it is normal to find brownish color on the inside. But we never sell an engine with black walls. 

When you visit our shop, though, we can perform a leak-down test for you. As the compression test is ongoing, you notice the spark plugs. You may check the cylinder to see signs of degradation. 

Then again, we do not sell low-quality JDM engines. Thus, we can assure you that you will not find any signs of degradation. 

Although we offer warranty and return policy for our JDM engines, we do not accept returns because you have changed your mind. That’s why we encourage our clients to check the engine that they wish to purchase and ensure that it will fit in their vehicles. 

We work hard to ensure that our engines are of high-quality and they are ready to be installed. If there are issues that you notice when you purchase them, you can bring them back to us and we will be happy to return your money. That’s how confident we are with our JDM engines. 

Our limited warranty, however, does not include the cost of labor to install the engine to your vehicle. You can hire a car mechanic to inspect the engine before buying it. But we do not offer engine installation. 

The warranty also does not cover loss as a result of overheating. However, we will cover it if the condition was a result of a malfunctioning internal component of the engine. 

What JDM Engines We Offer 

We carry JDM engines of Acura, Honda, Infiniti, Isuzu, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota, Suzuki, and Subaru. If the brands you want to have are not listed here, you may contact our customer support: (800) 543-2476. You may visit our JDM engine import shop.