JDM Engine Import Products from the Fastest Japanese Cars

JDM Engine Import Products from the Fastest Japanese Cars

Do you like owning one of the fastest Japanese cars but cannot afford them? Try our JDM engine import products and fit engine from the fastest Japanese car to your own vehicle.

Japanese cars are reliable enough that make them last for longer periods of time, regardless of how you drive them. Not every Japanese car can run that fast though. However, if you wish to modify your car, why not try the JDM engines from the fastest Japanese cars.

1. Toyota 2000GT

Introduced in 1967, this car has 2.0 liter 6 cylinder engine to give you 150hp. With these features, it can give you a top speed of 136mph.

When it hit the market in 1970, this model achieved numerous speed records. Because of its speed, it appeared in one of the Bond movies.

With that, Japan became a well-known country for building a sports car. Unfortunately, there were only 337 Toyota 2000GT cars built.

If you wish to own its engine, please check out our JDM engine import products. You might find one that you fancy.

JDM Engine Import Products

2. Datsun 240Z

If the Toyota 2000GT was for the wealthy, the Datsun 240Z was for the people with blue-collar job. Still, its performance was worth the price.

For the money, it can be categorized as a brilliant car. It was designed and built to mess with the sports car market. It outsold other sports car rivals in the US and Europe.

3. Lexus LFA

Developed in 2000, this car took almost nine years to be produced. But it was all worth the wait considering its high performance.

It is one of the fastest and greatest Japanese cars that appeared in 2009. It is powered by a 4.8-liter V10 engine. It can hit 200 mph. But only 200 were built.

3. Autozam AZ-1

It is from Mazda under the Autozam brand. It is the cutest car from the said manufacturer. Its power was from a Suzuki 657cc turbocharged engine.

It could produce 63hp at 6,500rpm. It is one of the lightest cars as it only weighs 720kg. The top speed ever recorded was 87mph. Mazda built more than 4,000 of this model. After the Japanese recession, the company stopped producing it.

However, you might be lucky in finding its engine from our collection. Contact our customer support today to ask about Autozam’s JDM engine.

4. Honda NSX

It is your everyday supercar. It is practical yet faster. It is the more reliable and affordable version of the Ferrari 328.

Originally, it is powered by a 3.0-liter VTEC V6. However, the later models utilized 3.2 liters. With that large engine, it could hit 62mph in only 5.7 seconds.

Many of these fast cars are already phased out. But you can still find their engines by shopping from suppliers offering Japanese Distributor Market engines.

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