JDM Engines in California: What are They?

JDM Engines in California: What are They?

JDM engines in California will require serious money to invest in. That’s why it is vital to have a thorough understanding of what you are getting yourself before spending your money in this type of engine. 

JDM engines in California

Are All Japanese Motors Only Driven Less Than 40,000 Miles

In Japan, no law requires its citizens to drive cars with less than 40,000 mileage. No law demands cars with above 40,000 mileage off the road. However, Japan law encourages older cars to be off the road. 

The country has the infamous Shaken regulation, however. In here, car owners will have to pay hefty taxes and high vehicle inspection when their car becomes three years old. 

When we explain our engines to our clients, we do not emphasize this fact about Japanese cars. Rather, we tell them the mileage of the engine and that’s it. 

Soshin Trade Corporation’s JDM Engines in California 

However, the engines that we sell here do not go beyond 100,000. And that we can guarantee you. We also guarantee that the engines are of low mileage. 

The Condition of the Engine is Excellent 

Even though Japanese cars are low mileage, not all of them are great. Keep in mind that some Japanese car owners have driven their cars hard. 

At STC Engines, we do not source our JDM engines from car owners who do not know how to take care of their cars. Rather, we only import the engines from our main warehouse in Japan after they have gone through a series of rigorous testing. 

But we still encourage our clients to re-check the engine thoroughly. If you visit our shop, you may bring your own car specialist that you trust. 

The two of you can check the oil pan and valve cover. We will allow you to examine the engine thoroughly before you pay in cash. 

Of course, you cannot test the engine’s reliability without driving it first. That’s why we offer six months warranty for the engine and three months for the transmission. 

But we can tell you that our clients have not encountered any problem with the engine, even after years of using it. 

We also guarantee that the engines we sell here have been compression tested. Our team of specialists inspect them for any faulty parts. 

Before they are delivered to your doorstep, we steam wash the engine and apply a solvent-free rust protection chemical to protect it from corrosion. 

Although we offer a warranty for the engines that we sell, we do not offer returns. That’s why we recommend talking to your trusted mechanic before you purchase our engines.

We understand that it is a huge investment. For that reason, we highly suggest talking to your car specialist before making a purchase. 

Our limited warranty also does not include any damage because of neglect, accident or abuse. We also do not guarantee loss as a result of the engine not properly installed. 

To know more about the JDM engines in California that we sell, talk to our customer support team and find out what brands of engines we offer: (800) 543-2476.