JDM Engines: The Best, Straight from Japan

JDM Engines: The Best, Straight from Japan

When you’re looking for a unique, used engine of high quality, we’ve got you covered. Our JDM engines are some of the highest quality you’ll find anywhere. That’s because we put our engines through quite a bit before we ever offer them to our customers. Below, we’ll go over the caliber of engines we have as well as what makes them special. Between our warranties, experience and proven track record, we can provide you with the kind of high quality engines that you’re looking for, whether you’re looking for yourself, your body  shop, warehouse, or anything else.

Our JDM Engines

Japanese domestic market engines are some of the more cutting edge and advanced engines you can find. That’s true even of the used ones. A question we often get from people who are new to the JDM market is: “how are these different from the typical engines that I see around the US?” JDM engines are primarily made for an entirely different market, which tends to have different priorities. For example, most American engines are made to “last,” they’re specifically created in the first place with a focus and eye towards durability.

That’s not to say that all American engines do, of course. Rather, when comparing American market engines to those from the Japanese market, one of the most striking differences is how the US market places a premium on durability. So, that means that the engines are made to “get the job done,” often without a lot of what we might call “flash.” That means that fewer risks might be taken, but it also means that there is less opportunity for discovery and advancements.

JDM Engines

That’s the opposite of the Japanese market. The Japanese market engines are built to be innovative. They’re designed to push the conversation forward, to offer something new. Obviously, that doesn’t mean that every JPM engine is some unique, creative work of art. However, it does mean that on average, you may be able to find something that’s a bit different from the purely USA domestic engines you might be looking at.

To be clear, we’re not saying that the engines we offer are all these different, strange designs. Rather, they’re high quality, tested and proven engines that can work perfectly in your vehicle. With our wide range of used engines to choose from, you’ll be sure to be able to find a used engine that will allow you to get that much more out of your vehicle. At STC, we bring the best of Japan right to your vehicle’s hood.

Our Used Engines

If you’ve ever bought used car parts before (or even tried to buy used car parts) then you know what a nightmare it can be. First, you have to find the part, then you have to find it at a reasonable price, then you have to do your research, into both the part and whoever it is you’re buying it from. Once you get through all of that and do purchase something, you have to hope that it’s right for your vehicle. That’s a lot of hope, and quite a bit to get through on faith. At STC, we’re proud of our reputation for offering a kind of JDM engine that you can trust.

First off, each of our used engines is of the highest quality. We don’t even bring it to the States unless it’s of high quality. We examine each of our engines thoroughly because we only want to offer our customers the best. Part of what makes an engine “high quality” is having low mileage. These engines aren’t exactly brand new, but they haven’t been through a lot of abuse. For the most part, the engines that we offer have approximately forty thousand to sixty thousand miles on them. Some might be less, a tiny few might be more, but on average, that’s how many miles that our engines have on them.

That’s a lot of miles, but it’s not so many that the engine might be worn down. It’s also enough to see that the engine works as its intended. Once we’ve ascertained that an engine is high quality and has low mileage, and then we inspect it for any faulty parts. Look at that last sentence again, you’ll see that it says “any faulty parts.” it does not say “some faulty parts” or “if there are any faulty parts, we consider replacing them.” No. We inspect these engines to see if they have any faulty parts whatsoever. If they do, then we don’t offer the engine. It’s that simple.

Toughest Tests for JPM Parts

Additionally, we compression test our engines, too. That way, we can know exactly how the valves, valve seats, piston rings and more are doing. These tests are to eliminate the guesswork, the hoping. With this test, we’re able to determine if they’re of high enough quality to sell. We can also determine if they’re wearing evenly, either. If they aren’t, we can take steps to make sure that they are. Once the engine has passed the compression test, it’s almost ready to go.

The next step is to make sure that the engine is steam washed. That doesn’t mean that we just wipe it down with steam, back the engine in a box, ship it off to America and call it a day. No, that means that we clean the engine to the point that it actually improves the safety of the engine. Engines that have been steam cleaned can last longer. See, that steam cleaning doesn’t just clean the engine; it actually tends to make it less susceptible to corrosion, giving it more of a chance to find off clogs, rust, and other concerns. In turn, this makes the engine more resistant to engine fires, too.

At that point, once we’ve been through all of that, the engine is ready to be shipped. However, that doesn’t mean that we’re done trying to make the engine even better. Before you get the engine, we apply Noxudol 700. That’s one more way that we can protect your engine from rust. This rust protection chemical is entirely solvent free. That means that it can keep each cylinder individually from rusting.

The Right Engines for your Vehicle

At STC, we want you to be happy with your engine. That’s why we offer so many of them at our site. As of this writing, there are 84 engines available at our site. However, that number may change tomorrow. While our engines are constantly being bought, we’re always bringing in new engines as well. If you go to our site and can’t find what you’re looking for, be sure to check back in again later, as we may have that engine you’ve been searching for.

While this blog primarily covered engines, that’s far from all that we offer car owners in terms of JDM products. We also have plenty of transmissions and other kinds of parts available, which can also work in a number of vehicles, too.

It’s important that before you buy an engine from us, you know that this engine is exactly what you’re looking for. The last thing we’d ever want is someone to buy an engine from us and then find that it’s not what they wanted, or maybe even doesn’t work with their vehicle. While we can’t be responsible for that, we are always glad to help. So, if you have any questions about what kind of engine would be right for your vehicle, or other ways that we can help you to get the most out of your vehicle, don’t hesitate to give us a call. You can check out our site for the best JDM parts, transmissions, engines and more for your vehicle or you can call us at (800) 543-2476.