JDM Transmissions: Transform your Vehicle

JDM Transmissions: Transform your Vehicle

Our JDM transmissions put Japan’s best-used transmissions in your vehicle. At STC, you can choose from our wide collection of transmissions to find the best kind of transmission for your vehicle. Each of the transmissions that we offer has to pass through a very difficult series of tests. Then, only once they’ve passed with the proverbial flying colors do we offer these transmissions to our customers. Transmissions from Japan are of higher quality than people might think, and quite a bit goes into our transmissions. Warranties and more are available, too.

STC JDM Transmissions

Our transmissions and engines are used, yes. However, something that’s “used” in Japan is different from something that’s “used” in America. In part, this is due to how the inspections work. For example, in America, car inspections are important and critical, but most cars pass. Many of us just see the car inspection as something we have to get done, another chore to do or bill to pay. For a majority of car drivers in America, the inspection is one more thing to cross off of the to-do list, not something to prepare for or be worried about.

That’s not the case in Japan, however. Their inspection is far more difficult and rigorous. Their vehicles have to go through inspection more often. Moreover, the inspection itself is more particular with higher standards. This is for a reason: it’s meant to discourage folks from having their vehicles for too long. See, here in America, most car owners tend to prioritize durability. We want, for the majority of us, cars that last. We want to be able to drive our car for years and years without buying a new one.

JDM Transmissions

In Japan, it’s somewhat different. In the country, cars tend to get used less. Most car drivers don’t tend to hold onto their cars as long. With an inspection every two years, some cars don’t pass it. On average, Japanese drivers tend to just drive less in the course of a year than American drivers. All of this adds up to the fact that you could get a JDM transmission that really hasn’t seen a lot of use. Sure, our transmissions are used, but they don’t have a lot of wear and tear on them. That means that when you get a transmission from us, you can use it for a long time.

Transmissions of High Quality

Sure, anyone can call their transmissions high quality, but that doesn’t mean that the transmissions are actually of high quality. You can get used transmissions from us that are proven to be of the highest quality. That means that these transmissions have 40,000 to 60,000 miles on them. Not too much, but not so few that there are any questions about whether the transmission can get the job done, either. These transmissions have proven that they can work, while also having several great years of service ahead of them.

On top of that, our transmissions are directly imported from Japan. They didn’t get bounced around from location to location, they haven’t sat in a warehouse forever, these transmissions have come right from Japan to our location in South Gate. Moreover, we have many different kinds of transmission to choose from. You can find transmission here that are automatic, manual, or even in some cases transmissions that have an engine included, too.

We aim to offer as many different kinds of transmissions as possible. So, if you look at our site, you’ll see that we have several different transmissions for all sorts of car brands. Toyota, Suzuki, Subaru, Nissan, Mazda, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Infiniti, Honda, and Acura are just a few of the different kinds of transmissions that you can find at our site. These transmissions are all at various price points. If you can’t find a transmission at our site that meets your needs, check back again soon. We’re always updating our site as new transmissions come in so we can find you the transmission that you’re looking for.

Warranty and More

We know that some people are skeptical when it comes to buying used parts. In our modern age, how can you not be? Practically everyone has a story about finding something online that they wanted, buying it, and then discovering later that it didn’t live up to expectations. That’s one of the reasons that we make sure our transmissions, engines and other parts go through such rigorous testing: so that we’re giving our customers the best products possible.

That’s why so many of our transmissions come with a 90-day warranty. So, if anything goes wrong with that transmission for basically the first three months that you own it, you can return it. To be clear, that warranty doesn’t just cover 90 days, it covers unlimited miles, too. So, you could be driving your vehicle all over, going far and wide with it, but if that transmission doesn’t work as it should during those 90 days, you can return it. We’re able to offer that warranty because we believe so strongly in our transmissions.

One Place for JPM Parts

Part of what enables us to offer our customers the best in used transmissions and engines from Japan is that we’ve been doing this for a long time. We’ve been in business since 1988, so we’re celebrating 31 years in the industry. We started bringing in the best-used parts from Japan not long after that, so we have a proven track record of giving our customers the parts that they’re looking for.

We know that it’s not always easy to get the parts that you want to be shipped directly to you. That’s why we offer shipping to the lower 48 States as well as free delivery within the Los Angeles area. That way, you don’t have to make a great journey to get a great part. In fact, we aim to make every part of the process as easy on our customers as possible. That’s why we put so much into our customer service. At STC, we have trained bi-lingual staff that can help you with any questions you might have. We speak English, Espanol, and Japanese, so we’re better able to serve our customers.

Transmissions you can Count On

Our customers include people from all walks of life. We have plenty of retail customers who are looking for the transmission for their vehicle they can finally feel comfortable with. We have customers who are looking for wholesale parts, too. Body shops, repair shops, warehouse distributors and more: if people are looking for great JPM parts, we’re able to better help them find the right parts for their specific needs.

While we’re always glad to offer our customers so many different kinds of transmissions, we do want you to pick the right transmission for your vehicle. While we’re always glad to help in any way we can, we don’t know your vehicle like you do. So, we always ask that you do some research before you purchase a transmission, engine or anything else from us. That way, before you buy it, you can know that it’s absolutely the right part for your vehicle. We want each of our customers to be happy with their transmission, engine and more.

As of this writing, there are 32 transmissions from Japan available at our site. That number could be different tomorrow morning. As transmissions are sold and new ones come in, we change that number so as to offer our customers the most up to date transmissions. If you’ve been looking for a used transmission or engine, and can’t quite find what you’re looking for, we can help. If you have any questions about our catalog, want to know more about our process or have any questions whatsoever, don’t hesitate to check out our site or call us at (800) 543-2476.