Getting Used Import Engines Online Has Never Been Easier

The problem with needing to purchase used import engines is that they are harder to find. This is self-explanatory, after all, since they are imported and not manufactured here. Although they’re still available in the United States, particularly used ones, you usually have to go through specialized services or experienced mechanics in order to find them. But don’t worry. There is no reason for the overall experience to be complicated or annoying. We want to make the process as smooth as possible for you.

Toyota Used Import Engine

Easy Access to Parts and Engines

When needing to replace the engine or transmission of a vehicle, a lot of people tend to have a hard time finding the right part. Most tend to go through local sellers or mechanics in search of the right pieces, but this is not really easy or convenient. Especially if you are talking about imported engines since these are not as common in the United States. You shouldn’t have to go through an extensive network of people in order to get access to the engine you need. Our website makes it easier for you or just about anyone to find the used import engines online that they are looking for or to conveniently purchase it without having to negotiate with a third party. 

used import engines Toyota

Avoid Purchases Through Third Parties

The problem with using middlemen and third parties when purchasing used parts is that you don’t really know how much of a commission they’re taking in the process. Most people avoid going through the trouble of finding the engine or transmission because they don’t have access to the necessary network of contacts or know any provider. This means that a lot of people consider it easier to potentially pay more in order to not go through the trouble. However, that doesn’t have to be that inconvenient. Our website makes it a lot easier for you to find the pieces you need without having to find providers, suppliers, and other potential sources for used import engines.

Convenient Shipping and Warranty

Of course, all this convenience is not necessarily worth it if you end up having to go to a different town, visit different workshops, or end up having to pick it up yourself. No, although we are established in South Gate, CA, we ship the engines you need all across the continental United States, with additional quotes for Alaska and Hawaii. We want to make it easy for you, which is why we will deliver it even if you are within driving distance from us. Within a thirty mile radius of South Gate, we will deliver you your purchase for free. That’s how committed we are to making this whole process easy and quick for you.

Find Used Import Engines

Is the manufacturer no longer producing the engine in question? Are you in need of a new engine but the prices aren’t doing it for you? At STC Engines, we’ve got you covered. Our network provides you with a wide variety of used import engines from a wide array of makes and brands, all readily available on our website. For more information, give us a call at (800) 543-2476 or email us at [email protected]

Are Imported Japanese Engines in Los Angeles Tested?

The imported Japanese engines in Los Angeles that we offer are specifically chosen to be reliable. That said, quite a bit still depends on where you purchase them. Before you purchase one, you want to make sure that it has been tested properly. Here at STC, we only sell high-quality JDM engines. 

We are known in Los Angeles to offer a premium line of JDM engines straight from Japan. Since 1988, we have been a huge importer of these engines and we deliver our products throughout the world. 

STC distributes engines and transmissions to wholesale and retail customers, as well as warehouse distributors. All of our engines underwent thorough testing to ensure that they are in excellent working condition when installed in our clients’ cars. 

One of the many questions that our clients ask us is if the engine would work in their vehicle. It could be difficult to find an exact match of your engine by shopping through a JDM market. 

What you need is something similar to your car’s engine. If you are not sure, you may call your mechanic and ask about what type of JDM engine is compatible with your car. Your personal mechanic can help you identify the model that could work with your vehicle. 

Imported Japanese Engines in Los Angeles

Warranty for Imported Japanese engines in Los Angeles

Another thing to consider when shopping for imported Japanese engines is to learn about the warranty. You don’t want to purchase a used engine that comes without a warranty

At STC, we offer an unlimited six-month warranty for engines. In addition to that, we have tested all the engines before we sell them. We also clean the engines to make sure that there is no rust in them. 

What are the Options Available? 

There are tons of options you can find at STC. For instance, if you are looking for a car that is extremely reliable, you may opt for a Mazda. Most Mazda cars are very reliable and the engines have reasonable rates. 

Mazda engines are also fuel-efficient. Nonetheless, the fuel-efficiency of the engine will depend on how you use your car and your driving skills. 

Another great option is the Subaru Impreza. It launched in 1992. This car has been a hit in Japan for many years. It offers effortless power. Thus, if you are rebuilding your vehicle, consider the engine of the Subaru Impreza to ensure that it will last long. 

If you are a Honda fan, you may choose the Honda Civic. It uses a VTEC engine that offers more power. You will love the sound of the engine each time you turn the ignition. Furthermore, it is not easy to break down. 

Or if you want a Toyota engine, you cannot go wrong with Toyota AE86. It is a popular option among our clients here at STC. Toyota cars are reliable and they can last for more than 10 years. 

Of course, these are not the only imported Japanese engines in Los Angeles you can find at STC. There are other choices you can find when you visit our warehouse in Glendale, California. The JDM engines we sell here are imported directly from our Japan warehouse. All of them are cleaned, tested and inspected. 

To order our imported Japanese engines in Los Angeles, please call us at (800) 543-2476.

JDM Engine Import: Prepping a JDM Engine

It is now easier to find an excellent JDM engine. Before, this type of engine was hard to fine. Shops imported their engines simply scrapped them and sell them even though they look questionable. These days, however, when you go to a JDM engine import shop, the engines are all clean and ready to be installed. 

Reputable JDM Engine Import Shop 

When choosing the right engine for swapping, it is ideal that you shop at a reputable seller. At STC Engine, we only offer engines that have been leaked-down tested. We assure our clients that the engines they can purchase from us are all worth it. 

We offer a 6-month warranty for engines. Our engine is complete when we deliver it. But you must know in the first place what components you will need for the swap. Call our customer support team before you even place your order. 

JDM Engine Import

At Soshin Trade Corporation, we clean and test the engines before labeling them with “for sale.” When you check, make sure to check the oil filler. You can take a peek of what is inside of it. 

We can guarantee you that the inside looks shiny as it is a good engine. However, when you pick a higher mileage engine, it is normal to find brownish color on the inside. But we never sell an engine with black walls. 

When you visit our shop, though, we can perform a leak-down test for you. As the compression test is ongoing, you notice the spark plugs. You may check the cylinder to see signs of degradation. 

Then again, we do not sell low-quality JDM engines. Thus, we can assure you that you will not find any signs of degradation. 

Although we offer warranty and return policy for our JDM engines, we do not accept returns because you have changed your mind. That’s why we encourage our clients to check the engine that they wish to purchase and ensure that it will fit in their vehicles. 

We work hard to ensure that our engines are of high-quality and they are ready to be installed. If there are issues that you notice when you purchase them, you can bring them back to us and we will be happy to return your money. That’s how confident we are with our JDM engines. 

Our limited warranty, however, does not include the cost of labor to install the engine to your vehicle. You can hire a car mechanic to inspect the engine before buying it. But we do not offer engine installation. 

The warranty also does not cover loss as a result of overheating. However, we will cover it if the condition was a result of a malfunctioning internal component of the engine. 

What JDM Engines We Offer 

We carry JDM engines of Acura, Honda, Infiniti, Isuzu, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota, Suzuki, and Subaru. If the brands you want to have are not listed here, you may contact our customer support: (800) 543-2476. You may visit our JDM engine import shop. 

Buy JDM Engine: Is Nissan as Reliable as Honda and Toyota?

Nissan is as reliable as Honda and Toyota. When you buy JDM engine and you prefer Nissan’s, there are many options you can choose from at Soshin Trading. 

Honda, Toyota, and Nissan are in the same league. These brands build cars that can last more than 10 years without the need to undergo thorough maintenance. Even though their designs are typically boring and uninspiring, they can last longer than other cars from other countries, like Korea. 

Buy JDM Engine at Soshin Trade Corporation 

At STC, we offer a complete line of excellent JDM engines. Not only engines, but we also sell premium quality transmissions. If you are looking for Nissan used engines, you can browse our shop page and look for the JDM engine you wish to own.

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Driving Appeal of Nissan Cars

With Nissan’s acquisition of Renault, it has made its engines better. It increases the driving appeal, as well as boost customer service and support. Thus, if you prefer longevity and lower maintenance costs, then a Nissan used engine is your better option. 

Swapping your original engine to a JDM engine may help give you a real muscle car. When you choose a JDM engine, you are electing to make your car more economical and powerful. 

But why not just purchase a new car, rather than buying and replacing the engine? 

One of the reasons is that of improved fuel economy. If your car is new, then it is likely that you will have difficulty finding spare parts. Thus, it makes sense to replace the engine with a newer engine. 

Swapping your old engine to a JDM is more about improving fuel economy. Japanese engines are known to have high efficiency that does not mean performance reduction. 

But before you swap your engine with a JDM engine, make sure that you consult your car mechanic. 

One of the things to consider when swapping is the wiring. It is complex and it needs a lot of understanding about relays, overall circuits, and wire gauge. 

We encourage our clients to talk to their car mechanic before they buy a JDM engine from us. Once you have talked to your mechanic, that is the time to shop for an engine that you can swap. 

STC has a huge stock of JDM engines. These engines can be a great replacement for any car that you have, like Impreza, Baja or Forester.

Why We Sell Low Mileage Engines

JDM engines are known to have low mileage. The reason for this is that they all come from Japan. In this country, the average annual mileage is only 5,300. In that case, if the car is out of service, it is typically at 37,000 miles. It is the lowest number of any country. 

Car owners in Japan are strict in maintaining their car. They do so to avoid hefty fines when their cars are found to have any damages.

For that reason, when you buy JDM engine from us, you can be sure that it is of low mileage and that it has not been abused by the Japanese owners. To know more about how to order a JDM engine, please call (800) 543-2476

JDM Engine Import for Honda Accord

At Soshin Trade Corporation, we offer different JDM engine import products, including Honda Accord. Many of our clients want to get their hands on this particular car. But why? 

jdm engine import


Is Honda Accord a Reliable Car 

Short answer, it is. It is one of the most reliable Japanese cars. If you are on the market to obtain a used Honda Accord, then a JDM engine import for this car is your best option. 

The economical option has 166-hp with 2.4L 4—cylinder. The transmission options would include a five-speed automatic and a 5-speed manual. The 2.4L 4-cylinder DOHC engine is one of the best, especially as it comes with iVTEC. It is not only economical but it is also low in maintenance. 

As for its fuel economy, it ranked high. The 2007 model, for example, is rated at 21/31 mpg. When on the road, the engine can give you a fast yet reliable ride. For daily driving, the four-cylinder engine will give enough power. But the V6 model offers a more powerful version. 

One of the Honda Accord JDM engines we have is the 94-95 Accord EX 2.2L. As always, it is a low mileage engine imported directly from Japan. It has approximately 40,000 to 60,000 miles. 

We test our JD engines through compression and examine them for any faulty parts. Our team has also steam-washed the engines so they are ready to be shipped once you place your order. Washing it this way will improve the engine’s safety. JDM engines that have been steam cleaned have a longer lifespan. 

Our engines are properly maintained by applying Noxudol 700. It is solvent-free rust protection that we apply into every cylinder so it will not rust. 

Do We Offer Warranty 

Yes, we do offer a limited warranty. We guarantee that the JDM engine for Honda Accord you buy from us is of high quality. 

It is in its serviceable condition. We offer a warranty from 30 days to 180 days, depending on the use of the engine. However, if you install it in a car used for racing, then we cannot offer any form of warranty. 

We also guarantee that the engine has its internal parts. The engine block, cylinder head, cylinder barrels are guaranteed to have no cracks or distortion. 

Implementing Toughest Tests 

Each of our JDM engines at Soshin Trade Corporation underwent compression test. We do this to ensure that the engine is of high quality. 

A compression test will also help us evaluate how the valves, piston rings, and valve seats are doing. We perform this test so we can eliminate the guesswork. In other words, we can determine whether or not the engine’s quality is enough to be categorized as premium. 

Each engine that we sell, including the Honda Accord, has passed our compression test. Thus, it is ready to go when you order it. 

To know more about JDM engine import for a Honda Accord, give us a call and we can give you some recommendations (800) 543-2476

JDM Engines in California: What are They?

JDM engines in California will require serious money to invest in. That’s why it is vital to have a thorough understanding of what you are getting yourself before spending your money in this type of engine. 

JDM engines in California

Are All Japanese Motors Only Driven Less Than 40,000 Miles

In Japan, no law requires its citizens to drive cars with less than 40,000 mileage. No law demands cars with above 40,000 mileage off the road. However, Japan law encourages older cars to be off the road. 

The country has the infamous Shaken regulation, however. In here, car owners will have to pay hefty taxes and high vehicle inspection when their car becomes three years old. 

When we explain our engines to our clients, we do not emphasize this fact about Japanese cars. Rather, we tell them the mileage of the engine and that’s it. 

Soshin Trade Corporation’s JDM Engines in California 

However, the engines that we sell here do not go beyond 100,000. And that we can guarantee you. We also guarantee that the engines are of low mileage. 

The Condition of the Engine is Excellent 

Even though Japanese cars are low mileage, not all of them are great. Keep in mind that some Japanese car owners have driven their cars hard. 

At STC Engines, we do not source our JDM engines from car owners who do not know how to take care of their cars. Rather, we only import the engines from our main warehouse in Japan after they have gone through a series of rigorous testing. 

But we still encourage our clients to re-check the engine thoroughly. If you visit our shop, you may bring your own car specialist that you trust. 

The two of you can check the oil pan and valve cover. We will allow you to examine the engine thoroughly before you pay in cash. 

Of course, you cannot test the engine’s reliability without driving it first. That’s why we offer six months warranty for the engine and three months for the transmission. 

But we can tell you that our clients have not encountered any problem with the engine, even after years of using it. 

We also guarantee that the engines we sell here have been compression tested. Our team of specialists inspect them for any faulty parts. 

Before they are delivered to your doorstep, we steam wash the engine and apply a solvent-free rust protection chemical to protect it from corrosion. 

Although we offer a warranty for the engines that we sell, we do not offer returns. That’s why we recommend talking to your trusted mechanic before you purchase our engines.

We understand that it is a huge investment. For that reason, we highly suggest talking to your car specialist before making a purchase. 

Our limited warranty also does not include any damage because of neglect, accident or abuse. We also do not guarantee loss as a result of the engine not properly installed. 

To know more about the JDM engines in California that we sell, talk to our customer support team and find out what brands of engines we offer: (800) 543-2476. 

Where to Buy JDM Motors at Affordable Prices

If you are planning to buy JDM motors at affordable prices, then you are in the right place. Soshin Trade Corporation offers a wide array of premium JDM engines and transmissions. We import them directly from Japan. Whatever JDM engine you are looking for, we are confident that we have it as we have a tremendous inventory. 

buy JDM motors

What JDM Motors We Offer 

For several years now, we have been the top provider and importer of used JDM motors, engines, transmissions and suspensions. We imported our product from Japan so we can offer a wide variety of engines from Subaru, Mazda, Suzuki, Toyota, and many others. 

Our products can be shipped but we need to arrange the shipping. Or you can also pick up the engines from our headquarters in South Gate, California. 

Are the Engines Low Mileage 

JDM motors are known for their low mileage. The transmissions and motors that we sell have a mileage of 45,000 to 65,000.

Why they are low in mileage? The reason for this is that maintaining a car in Japan can be expensive because of the stricter emission laws in the said country. For that reason, many car owners are selling their vehicles to the junkyard after just a few years of usage. 

And this is where we step in. We pick those engines and import them to our warehouse in California. The engines that we pick are those that are of high-quality. 

When you buy JDM motors from us, you can be sure that they are premium quality. We take the time to examine each engine before we import it. The JDM engines here are the best from Japan. 

Why Choose Used Engines 

The Japanese market engines are advanced. They are also cutting-edge. Even the used ones, you can expect premium quality. But why choose them over the engines in the US? 

JDM engines are designed for a different market. They are built to be innovative. They are tested and proven engines that can work well in your vehicle. The engines that we offer here are the kind that you can trust. We do not import it unless we can be 100% sure that they are of high quality. 

One of the signs that the engines are premium quality is the low mileage. Although they are not brand new, they did not go through a lot of abuse. As mentioned earlier, the average mileage of the engines we sell is 40,000 to 60,000. But a few of them have lower than 40,000 miles. 

Besides the mileage, we also look into the engine’s parts. We examine them to find if they have any faulty parts. If they have, then we do not import them. 

We only want the best for our clients. One of the reasons we have lasted this long in this industry is our loyal customers. They know that when they buy JDM motors from us, they are not only getting affordable rates but they also know that they are buying high-quality motors. 

You may check out our collection and buy JDM motors that need. If you have not found the engine that you want, call us at (800) 543-2476 and we can help you obtain it. 

JDM Engine Import Products from the Fastest Japanese Cars

Do you like owning one of the fastest Japanese cars but cannot afford them? Try our JDM engine import products and fit engine from the fastest Japanese car to your own vehicle.

Japanese cars are reliable enough that make them last for longer periods of time, regardless of how you drive them. Not every Japanese car can run that fast though. However, if you wish to modify your car, why not try the JDM engines from the fastest Japanese cars.

1. Toyota 2000GT

Introduced in 1967, this car has 2.0 liter 6 cylinder engine to give you 150hp. With these features, it can give you a top speed of 136mph.

When it hit the market in 1970, this model achieved numerous speed records. Because of its speed, it appeared in one of the Bond movies.

With that, Japan became a well-known country for building a sports car. Unfortunately, there were only 337 Toyota 2000GT cars built.

If you wish to own its engine, please check out our JDM engine import products. You might find one that you fancy.

JDM Engine Import Products

2. Datsun 240Z

If the Toyota 2000GT was for the wealthy, the Datsun 240Z was for the people with blue-collar job. Still, its performance was worth the price.

For the money, it can be categorized as a brilliant car. It was designed and built to mess with the sports car market. It outsold other sports car rivals in the US and Europe.

3. Lexus LFA

Developed in 2000, this car took almost nine years to be produced. But it was all worth the wait considering its high performance.

It is one of the fastest and greatest Japanese cars that appeared in 2009. It is powered by a 4.8-liter V10 engine. It can hit 200 mph. But only 200 were built.

3. Autozam AZ-1

It is from Mazda under the Autozam brand. It is the cutest car from the said manufacturer. Its power was from a Suzuki 657cc turbocharged engine.

It could produce 63hp at 6,500rpm. It is one of the lightest cars as it only weighs 720kg. The top speed ever recorded was 87mph. Mazda built more than 4,000 of this model. After the Japanese recession, the company stopped producing it.

However, you might be lucky in finding its engine from our collection. Contact our customer support today to ask about Autozam’s JDM engine.

4. Honda NSX

It is your everyday supercar. It is practical yet faster. It is the more reliable and affordable version of the Ferrari 328.

Originally, it is powered by a 3.0-liter VTEC V6. However, the later models utilized 3.2 liters. With that large engine, it could hit 62mph in only 5.7 seconds.

Many of these fast cars are already phased out. But you can still find their engines by shopping from suppliers offering Japanese Distributor Market engines.

At Shoshin Trade Corporation, you will find high-quality JDM engine import products. We offer a six-month warranty on engines and three months for the transmission. Email us to know more about our JDM engine products  [email protected] or call us at (800) 543-2476.