Choosing JDM Toyota Engines for Their Stellar Reputation

Toyota is one of the best car manufacturers in the world. It makes reliable cars that can last for decades. That is just one of the reasons many car enthusiasts are opting to buy JDM Toyota engines

If you are shopping for a JDM engine, you should invest in a Toyota. It can offer you great gas mileage without spending a lot. 

JDM Toyota engines

Why JDM Toyota Engines

Toyota cars are reliable because the company carefully considers its upgrades. Before it introduces new features, it makes sure that they are all safe. 

Other automakers, on the other hand, try to outdo each other by integrating the latest gadget. Toyota, however, doesn’t. Instead, the company moves slowly and considers each change before it is rolled out. 

The company is known to have great attention to detail when it comes to its engines. It doesn’t rush in manufacturing its cars. 

Regarding its consumers, the Japanese are known to undergo a conservative approach when it comes to dealing with their cars. They are meticulous with their cars and properly maintain them. 

This is one of the reasons JDM engines are getting more and more popular in the US. Any car enthusiasts can just purchase a JDM engine and put it in their old car, instead of purchasing a brand new car. That’s because this type of engine can last for decades. 

Toyota Prefers Function 

Toyota engines stand out because of their understated elegance. They offer superior comfort without frequent breakdown. The engines focus on function over form. 

The engines are powerful and efficient. Many of its models are gaining rave reviews from consumers. The company’s focus on economy and reliability allows the organization to provide higher quality products. 

Lasting Longer 

When the Japanese purchase a car, they take care of their vehicles properly. They don’t use their cars every day, though, because their public transportation system is excellent. Most of them use their cars on weekends. When they go to work, they prefer riding the train. 

That’s why when you purchase JDM engines, you will notice that most of them are low in mileage. There are also no signs of abuse. These engines are known for their reliability and power. 

Shopping for Toyota Engines at STC 

There are many JDM engines available in the US. However, not all of them are reliable. Here at STC, we make sure that the engine you find here will function well for many years to come. 

We are confident of what we sell here. That’s why we offer a warranty for our imported engines. 

Each engine for sale here is tested for its performance. It is cleaned thoroughly to prevent rust prevention inside. 

Most JDM engine sellers in the US don’t offer a warranty. As a result, your investment is gone when the engine you ordered will not work. Our warranty is six months for the engine. We also sell transmission with a three-month warranty. 

If you want to know more about our JDM Toyota engines, please contact us today at (800) 543-2476. 

JDM Engines in Los Angeles Offer Extreme Power and Endurance

JDM engines in Los Angeles are different from the engines released in other markets. They are known for their high endurance and power, besides being extremely reliable. These engines can offer your car more power and torque. They are also lightweight. 

Because of these characteristics, JDM engines will make your car more interesting. 

What JDM Engines in Los Angeles to Consider? 

There are many options to choose from. One of them is the Honda B-series. If you have the B16 and B18 series, you have the best JDM motors. They can give you up to 190 HP with no modification.

If you can buy the B16B, then you are in luck as the engine can deliver 186 HP despite its small engine. It can reach up to 8900 RPM. It is durable because of the pistons with less friction in the cylinder. It also includes lighter inlet valves with a short block. 

JDM engines in Los Angeles

Subaru Series

For Subaru fans, you can have the durable EJ20. It is used in Impreza and Legacy, among others. This engine made its way to the top-performing car. The EJ20G, on the other hand, can go from 220 HP to 275 HP with an RPM of 6500. 

Thanks to this high endurance engine, you can add it to your car for rally racing. With its performance, it is no wonder that many car enthusiasts who are into racing choose this engine for rally events. 

It is not possible to list all the best JDM engines here. However, if you shop at STC, you will find a wide array of high-quality and extremely durable JDM engines. All engines here have been tested properly. In that way, you do not have to worry about whether or not they will work. 

Our company offers a warranty for our imported Japanese engines. This is vital so that you can replace the engine that you bought from us within a limited period. 

But you should not worry as all engines have been tested for their performance. They are also cleaned thoroughly to ensure that no rust has developed inside. 

When buying JDM engines, you should not purchase engines that are too good to be true. Most of them do not have any warranty. 

Thus, when you purchase them and they will not work, your investment is gone. But this will not happen when you choose to purchase the engine from us. You can enjoy a six-month warranty for the engine and three months for the transmission. 

In that case, when you purchase JDM engines from us, you get to enjoy high-quality engines and transmissions. The engines you can find here are imported directly from Japan. Same-day shipping is available if you are located near LA. Free delivery is also provided. 

When you shop for JDM engines in Los Angeles, make sure that they fit in that car that you wish to build. Keep in mind that you cannot return them because they will not fit. For more information about the JDM engines we sell, please contact us at (800) 543-2476. 

Buy JDM Engines with Low Mileage and Better Performance

A lot of car enthusiasts now are opting to buy JDM engines, rather than purchasing a second-hand vehicle. The reason for this is that the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) engines can offer better performance. 

JDM engines can provide better performance without costing a lot. These engines are low in mileage, making them a better choice than having a pre-loved car with 50,000 mileage. 

Buy JDM Engines that are Reliable and Cleaned Properly 

Japanese people are passionate about cars. They love their cars so much that they take care of them conscientiously. Their cars are serviced regularly to ensure that their cars are in perfect condition. 

With their great public transportation, most of them would choose to use it than driving their own cars. That’s why they only use their own vehicles on the weekends or to drive them to the train station. 

Furthermore, Japan has the strictest inspection and emission system. It is the country’s roadworthiness inspection that every car owner must go through every two years. 

Of course, there are other factors that contribute to the Japanese car’s longevity. However, the strict inspection system is one of them. 

buy JDM engines

If the car has body damage, the owner has to pay a higher inspection fee. It cannot pass if the damage is not resolved. Then, to ensure that the car is roadworthy, it must have no dents, scratches or rust. 

In a way, choosing to buy JDM engines is a worthy investment. However, you must make sure that you are buying the engines from a reputable source. 

No matter how good the JDM engines are, if they are not cleaned thoroughly before being sent to the US, then they would be worthless. The reason for this is that the engines will develop rust if they are not completely polished and maintained. 

Here at STC, our technicians in our Japan warehouse would completely inspect, clean and maintain each engine before it is being sold in the US. In that case, you can be sure that what you are getting is a reliable engine that can last long. It is a cost-effective replacement engine for any type of car. 

Keep in mind that purchasing a domestic engine will cost you more than just rebuilding it with the use of a JDM engine. Thus, if you want the best value for your money, you need to look into the benefits of buying JDM engines. 

What You Can Get from STC? 

Our company has been around since 1988. Thus, you will enjoy a stable company that will remain in business for many more years. If you have a problem with your engine, you can just contact our customer support and we can help you resolve your issue. 

When you purchase JDM engines from us, you get to enjoy a 6-month unlimited mile warranty on the engine. On the other hand, if you bought transmissions, then a three-month warranty is in place. 

If you have further questions on how to buy JDM engines and the delivery, give us a call at (800) 543-2476. 

Are Imported Japanese Engines in Los Angeles Tested?

The imported Japanese engines in Los Angeles that we offer are specifically chosen to be reliable. That said, quite a bit still depends on where you purchase them. Before you purchase one, you want to make sure that it has been tested properly. Here at STC, we only sell high-quality JDM engines. 

We are known in Los Angeles to offer a premium line of JDM engines straight from Japan. Since 1988, we have been a huge importer of these engines and we deliver our products throughout the world. 

STC distributes engines and transmissions to wholesale and retail customers, as well as warehouse distributors. All of our engines underwent thorough testing to ensure that they are in excellent working condition when installed in our clients’ cars. 

One of the many questions that our clients ask us is if the engine would work in their vehicle. It could be difficult to find an exact match of your engine by shopping through a JDM market. 

What you need is something similar to your car’s engine. If you are not sure, you may call your mechanic and ask about what type of JDM engine is compatible with your car. Your personal mechanic can help you identify the model that could work with your vehicle. 

Imported Japanese Engines in Los Angeles

Warranty for Imported Japanese engines in Los Angeles

Another thing to consider when shopping for imported Japanese engines is to learn about the warranty. You don’t want to purchase a used engine that comes without a warranty

At STC, we offer an unlimited six-month warranty for engines. In addition to that, we have tested all the engines before we sell them. We also clean the engines to make sure that there is no rust in them. 

What are the Options Available? 

There are tons of options you can find at STC. For instance, if you are looking for a car that is extremely reliable, you may opt for a Mazda. Most Mazda cars are very reliable and the engines have reasonable rates. 

Mazda engines are also fuel-efficient. Nonetheless, the fuel-efficiency of the engine will depend on how you use your car and your driving skills. 

Another great option is the Subaru Impreza. It launched in 1992. This car has been a hit in Japan for many years. It offers effortless power. Thus, if you are rebuilding your vehicle, consider the engine of the Subaru Impreza to ensure that it will last long. 

If you are a Honda fan, you may choose the Honda Civic. It uses a VTEC engine that offers more power. You will love the sound of the engine each time you turn the ignition. Furthermore, it is not easy to break down. 

Or if you want a Toyota engine, you cannot go wrong with Toyota AE86. It is a popular option among our clients here at STC. Toyota cars are reliable and they can last for more than 10 years. 

Of course, these are not the only imported Japanese engines in Los Angeles you can find at STC. There are other choices you can find when you visit our warehouse in Glendale, California. The JDM engines we sell here are imported directly from our Japan warehouse. All of them are cleaned, tested and inspected. 

To order our imported Japanese engines in Los Angeles, please call us at (800) 543-2476.

Do JDM Toyota Engines Have More Power?

JDM Toyota engines are reliable. When it comes to power, though, it still depends on the engine you purchase. For instance, if you bought a Subaru JDM engine, then you could expect it to be powerful. 

JDM Toyota engines

What is guaranteed here when you purchase a JDM engine is the quality of the engine, it is especially true when you buy it from Soshin Trade Corporation. We only sell premium quality imported from Japan. We have our warehouse in Japan where we examine the engine thoroughly before they are sent to the US. 

Unlimited Mile Warranty for JDM Toyota Engines

At Soshin Trade, we stand by our products. That’s why we offer an unlimited mile warranty for six months. Then, we give a three-month warranty on transmissions. 

We protect our engines using Noxudol 700 to prevent rust inside the cylinders. And if you live in the Los Angeles area, we can deliver it to your doorstep for free. 

However, we do not install the pre-owned JDM engine that you purchase from us. You will handle the cost of installation. 

We suggest hiring a trusted mechanic to look into the engine before buying it. In that way, you can be sure that the engine will fit it in your car. 

Road Worthiness of JDM Engines 

Japanese cars are always roadworthy, even though they have been around for a decade. In Japan, car owners have to submit their vehicles for inspected every two years. This inspection will examine their car’s road worthiness. This inspection is one of the most stringent in the world. 

Because of how much the inspection will cost, the Japanese will opt to purchase a new car, rather than submitting them for inspection. Keep in mind that as the car ages, the inspection fees would cost more. 

The inspection does not only tackle the engines but it also includes the exterior part of the car. Thus, any scratches, dents or rust must be fixed to be considered as road-worthy. If the car is old enough, it can be hard for it to pass the test. That’s why Japanese car owners will simply sell them. 

Soshin Trade Corporation has a huge stock of JDM engines for sale at affordable rates. You can find Subaru engines here which offer the best value for your money. We also sell Acura, Nissan Maxima and Honda Accord, among others. 

To view our latest JDM engines, please visit our online shop. You can find dozens of options that you can purchase. 

Although JDM engines are still considered pre-owned, you need to purchase them from a reliable source, like Soshin Trade. You can be sure that the engines we sell here are of high quality. Even if the engine is 10 years old, you can still expect low mileage. Furthermore, the engine will still be of excellent condition. 

Even if you sell your car with a JDM engine installed, it will still have high value, as long as you have maintained it properly. 

When you purchase JDM Toyota engines from us, you can expect same-day shipping in the US. In Los Angeles, we offer free delivery. If you need further assistance, please call our customer support team at (800) 543-2476. 


JDM Engine Import Products from the Fastest Japanese Cars

Do you like owning one of the fastest Japanese cars but cannot afford them? Try our JDM engine import products and fit engine from the fastest Japanese car to your own vehicle.

Japanese cars are reliable enough that make them last for longer periods of time, regardless of how you drive them. Not every Japanese car can run that fast though. However, if you wish to modify your car, why not try the JDM engines from the fastest Japanese cars.

1. Toyota 2000GT

Introduced in 1967, this car has 2.0 liter 6 cylinder engine to give you 150hp. With these features, it can give you a top speed of 136mph.

When it hit the market in 1970, this model achieved numerous speed records. Because of its speed, it appeared in one of the Bond movies.

With that, Japan became a well-known country for building a sports car. Unfortunately, there were only 337 Toyota 2000GT cars built.

If you wish to own its engine, please check out our JDM engine import products. You might find one that you fancy.

JDM Engine Import Products

2. Datsun 240Z

If the Toyota 2000GT was for the wealthy, the Datsun 240Z was for the people with blue-collar job. Still, its performance was worth the price.

For the money, it can be categorized as a brilliant car. It was designed and built to mess with the sports car market. It outsold other sports car rivals in the US and Europe.

3. Lexus LFA

Developed in 2000, this car took almost nine years to be produced. But it was all worth the wait considering its high performance.

It is one of the fastest and greatest Japanese cars that appeared in 2009. It is powered by a 4.8-liter V10 engine. It can hit 200 mph. But only 200 were built.

3. Autozam AZ-1

It is from Mazda under the Autozam brand. It is the cutest car from the said manufacturer. Its power was from a Suzuki 657cc turbocharged engine.

It could produce 63hp at 6,500rpm. It is one of the lightest cars as it only weighs 720kg. The top speed ever recorded was 87mph. Mazda built more than 4,000 of this model. After the Japanese recession, the company stopped producing it.

However, you might be lucky in finding its engine from our collection. Contact our customer support today to ask about Autozam’s JDM engine.

4. Honda NSX

It is your everyday supercar. It is practical yet faster. It is the more reliable and affordable version of the Ferrari 328.

Originally, it is powered by a 3.0-liter VTEC V6. However, the later models utilized 3.2 liters. With that large engine, it could hit 62mph in only 5.7 seconds.

Many of these fast cars are already phased out. But you can still find their engines by shopping from suppliers offering Japanese Distributor Market engines.

At Shoshin Trade Corporation, you will find high-quality JDM engine import products. We offer a six-month warranty on engines and three months for the transmission. Email us to know more about our JDM engine products  [email protected] or call us at (800) 543-2476.

Halloween Specials – JDM Engines and Transmissions

Please contact us at 1-800-543-2476 for specials!!

2001 to 2005 Civic HX or GX Automatic Transmission
D17A Auto CVT  MLYA OR SLYA,   Special Price  $99.00

HX civic automatic transmission

Used JDM  1998 to 2002 Honda Accord EX, LX  4 cylinders engine
F23A  Vtec SOHC 16VALVES 2.3 Liters
Special Price $325.00

Note: This engine also will fit 98-02 Acura CL 2.3 and 98-99 Honda Odyssey 4 cylinders

Honda F23A engine

96 TO 01 Honda CRV 2.0 Liter B20B DOHC engine

Note: This engine need to change Oil pump for Crank Angle sensor purposes.

Special price $450.00

Honda CRV B20B engine