JDM Honda Engines for a Better Performance Car

Most of our clients here at Soshin Trade Corporation opt for JDM Honda engines. Why? Honda is known to offer better performance engines. Choosing this type of engine also means a lower cost of ownership. 

Why are JDM Honda Engines Popular? 

Honda is one of the world’s largest engine manufacturers. That said, it has more experience in manufacturing engines than anyone. The company has decades of experience on roadways and racetracks. With such experience, it continues to build a cutting edge engine. The company has earned a reputation for its high-quality engine and performance. And when you pick a JDM Honda engine, you’re getting an engine that you can count on for many years or even decades. 

Superior Performance of Honda Engines 

If you want to swap your car into something superior, then you can’t go wrong with Honda engines. It offers better fuel efficiency, as well as a higher power output. In terms of reliability, our Honda engines at STC are specifically chosen to be reliable and durable. We tested them properly to make sure that our clients are completely satisfied with their purchase. Our company has been around since 1988. With those years of experience, we haven’t heard of our clients complaining about the engines they bought from us. If they struggle to use the JDM engines they purchased from STC, we make sure to address the issue right away. 

JDM Honda Engines

We offer a limited warranty for our engines and transmissions. However, before you order a better-performing engine from us, make sure that the engine you pick is similar to yours. If you’re not sure about it, you should give your mechanic a call and ask about what kind of JDM engine that fits your car. Your mechanic can also determine the model that is compatible with your current automobile. Keep in mind that we don’t accept the return of items because the engine doesn’t fit. 

Guaranteed Reliability and High Quality 

Although we don’t accept the return for incompatible engines, we still offer superior JDM engines. That we can guarantee. Honda engines are guaranteed to be reliable and hard-working for they are built with superior components designed to give you optimum performance, even in the harshest environments. Of course, don’t just take our word for it. You may browse for online reviews about STC and you will find mostly positive reviews about our products. 


What’s great about Honda engines is that they are still environmentally-friendly, even if they are already many years older. The JDM engines that we sell here meet the CARB emission requirements. And they are still ready for lower CARB standards if they’re implemented. Another thing about Honda engines is that you can easily find spare parts should you need to replace them. You may contact us for some components or parts that you may need. If the parts you’re looking for are not available, you can help you find them. 

JDM Honda engines are not the only JDM engines you can find at STC. Other options are available once you visit our shop in Glendale California. To purchase our imported Honda engines, please give us a call at (800) 543-2476.

JDM Honda Engines for an Affordable Yet Powerful Car

You do not have to purchase a brand new car to get powerful engines. All you have to do is opt to buy one of the JDM Honda engines available at Soshin Trade Corporation. We are a direct importer of Japanese engines and transmissions. Our main warehouse is situated in Atsugi, Japan. 

Can You Trust JDM Honda Engines

JDM Honda engines

Honda has been in the business for over half a century. It has gained trust from its customers. For many years, it has outrun its competition. 

Its fame is the result of its engine performance. The company is one of the largest engine manufacturers in the world. With its long experience on the market, you can expect it to only follow the highest standards. 

Because of its high-quality engines, what you get from purchasing Honda JDM engines is the best performance. 

Why Honda Engines

Honda is known to offer its clients the best engines. In that case, you can expect its performance to remain even after a decade of using it. 

Here at Soshin Trade Corporation, we only handpick the best engines from Japan before importing them to our warehouse in the US. We only sell completely functional engines at low rates. When you shop here, you can find a variety of options depending on your preferences and needs. 

Are JDM Engines Better than Second-Hand Vehicles? 

Second-hand vehicles are more expensive than just purchasing JDM engines. Although it is tricky to purchase them, it is worth the investment.

With Soshin Trade Corporation, you have nothing to worry about. You can be sure that what you are getting is top-notch quality. We do not only sell Honda JDM engines but we also sell Mitsubishi, Toyota, and other well-known Japan-made engines. 

Buying Japanese engines, like Honda engines, makes a lot of sense considering that Japanese people are known to take care of their cars. They are not like Americans who overuse their vehicles. That’s why JDM engines have low mileage. 

Although there are cars in Japan that are overused and not reliable, we do not import them. Instead, what we sell here at Soshin Trade are engines and transmissions from cars that have been well-maintained. 

As mentioned earlier, most cars in Japan are well-maintained because of the strict laws that car owners have to follow. Japanese are passionate about their cars. When it is time for them for periodic maintenance, they bring their cars to the dealership for maintenance services. 

Furthermore, car owners do not frequently drive their cars. Most of them will only drive their vehicles during an emergency. Most of the time, they take public transportation. And it is another reason most Japanese cars have low mileage. 

Purchase Pre-Owned JDM Engines from Soshin Trade 

If you want quality JDM Honda engines, then look no further. Our JDM engines here are top-notch and you can be sure that they are completely functional when you use them. We have been in the business since 1988 so you can be sure of the quality of the items we sell to our customers. To know more about how you can purchase our JDM engines, please contact us at (800) 543-2476.