Used JDM Toyota Engines for Sale in Los Angeles, CA

If your Toyota is having engine troubles, replacing the engine with a brand-new one can be costly and expensive. Skip on the expensive repairs and instead pick from among Soshin Trade Corporation’s used Toyota engines for sale. Our high-quality engines come in every model and size, so you’ll be able to find the perfect engine replacement for your car.

Learn more about our Japanese-imported engines in Los Angeles, CA, today.

Your Engine Replacement

When should your engine be replaced? If your Toyota requires more gas than usual or is emitting excessive exhaust, it may be time to get your engine replaced. Most noticeably, if your vehicle emits black, blue, or white smoke, you definitely need to get your engine checked, as these problems indicate a vehicle burning too much fuel, burning oil, or issues with coolant.

If your engine shows signs of failure or dysfunction, turn to Soshin Trade Corporation and our collection of used engines.

Best Quality Engines

At Soshin Trade Corporation, we offer a wide variety of pre-owned Toyota engines for sale. Our inventory is extensive, so you are guaranteed to find the engine with the specifications you want. Each of our engines comes straight from our warehouse in Atsugi, Japan, so you will be purchasing an authentic, quality engine from us.

Whether you want parts for your domestic or import vehicle, we have the engine you need.

Friendly Service From Soshin Trade Corporation

Soshin Trade Corporation has been in business since its creation in 1982 in Yokohama, Japan. Since then, we have expanded to California, continuing to provide quality Japanese parts to the United States.

We are efficient and friendly, and our staff speaks English, Español, and 日本語. We are here to give you the best service and goods each and every time. To learn more about our used JDM Toyota engines, call us at (800) 543-2476 or email us at [email protected].